Computer Training
For Senior Citizens

Helping seniors obtain basic internet and computer skills
Personal tuition available in Toowoomba, Queensland



We are now in the information age and many senior citizens have a fear of computer technology. Like anything, fear is caused by a lack of knowledge and understanding.

That is where David can help. With his nearly 30 years of experience with personal computers and genuine caring and friendly nature, senior citizens can obtain sufficient skill in the use of computers to help them achieve anything they want to do.

Whether it be learning Windows, writing a letter, compiling a spreadsheet, searching the web, keeping in touch with loved ones by email, or how to use Skype to enjoy witnessing their grandchildren take their first steps, no matter where in the world they are, or advice on setting up a family website, David will inform and inspire.

Perhaps you are an artistic sort who loves to draw and paint, David will show you how to do this with a computer. The applications of computers are truly only limited by your imagination.

David shows you how to always remain vigilant when it comes to online security and never open an email that looks suspicious.




Dave Fredericks

Born David John Fredericks
Date of Birth 2 August 1968 (age 45)
Birthplace Toowoomba, Queensland
Citizenship Australian

Residence Newtown, Queensland
Alma mater
University of Southern Queensland
Occupation Software Developer

David John Fredericks is an Australian computer software developer, entrepreneur and lifelong learner.

Dave is the founder of mobile app development company Frogsoft, which specialises in games with artificial intelligence for Android smartphones.

He is the past owner of David Fredericks Web & Graphic Design, a Toowoomba-based website design business, which was nominated for the 2012 Toowoomba Business Excellence Awards. While not taking on any new websites, Dave maintains the sites for his previous clients, listed here.

Still don't get it India? Let me spell it out for you. I DO NOT DO WEBSITES ANYMORE!

With a fascination of technology and the space age, Mr Fredericks has personally met three NASA astronauts, including Neil Armstrong in Sydney in 2011 and Dr Andy Thomas in Brisbane in 2010 and shaken their hands.

Dave is a Toowoomba resident and contributes regularly to the letters page of The Chronicle. He is also a member of Business Focus Toastmasters Club and is on the management committee of the Toowoomba Clubhouse Association. He has travelled widely in Australia and overseas.

Dave first became involved with computers in high school in 1985 when he became 'Top of the State' at the new curriculum subject of Computer Art. He went on to university with Electrical Engineering, then years later Mathematics, Physics and Computing. Some of his research interests include the practical use of artificial intelligence, laser technology and astrophysics. He is an endearing Star Wars and Star Trek fan. The 21st Century is a great time to be alive, with some of the promises of science fiction becoming reality in the next few years.

May you live in interesting times - Chinese saying




Contact Dave

Phone 07 4634 9350
Mobile 0481 517 306


For help with Apple Mac issues, please contact the Toowoomba Apple and MacIntosh Users Group
at info@taamug.org.au or phone Graham MacAlpine on 0409 726 580


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