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The golden age of the web is upon us: Seniors (age 64 to 75) represent the fastest-growing segment of internet users, clearly proving that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks. These days, eyebrows no longer lift in amazement at the thought of senior citizens going online. In fact, they are heading into cyberspace in droves to access information on education, health, genealogy, hobbies, and more. Plus, online communication has proved to help the older population reduce isolation by staying in touch with family and friends.


Some seniors are initially intimidated and frustrated by computers. Although some retirement communities offer computer facilities, technical support may be fragmented or nonexistent. At-home personalised services are a better way for seniors to learn computer skills and become internet-savvy. As part of his services, David helps his clients purchase their computers and peripherals, installs the equipment, and then teaches them how to use it.


Once they are online, seniors generally want to learn about word processing, personal finance, and desktop publishing software. They also enjoy playing computer games and conducting genealogy searches. David makes it part of his mission to keep seniors connected through the use of their computers. His services can often include teaching computer basics or more advanced skills, or providing assistance with equipment purchase, software, and equipment upgrades.


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